Några grejer att kolla in

av mattsochaxelkexar

  • Sydney Morning Herald, artikel om gamification i undervisning
    • Starbucks, for instance, has used game techniques to revolutionize its rewards program. Instead of receiving punches on a card for buying coffee, customers earn stars. Once they get enough stars they “level up,” as game developers would call it, and become a “green” or “gold” level customer, with a host of new benefits such as free refills. “Gamification is really about understanding what motivates your users and designing for those incentives,” says Gabe Zichermann, author of the new book Gamification by Design.!
  • ”Education meeds ‘World of Warcraft'” – Artikel i The Forbes
  • Bloggpost om en lärare som har lite dåliga erfarenheter när han försökte gamifiera sitt klassrum.
  • Pecha Kucha-föreläsning om hur man spelifierar undervisning
  • ”Run for your life” – En app som undersöker ifall man springer bättre om man är jagad av zombies